100+ Modern Beautiful Duplex House Design 2019

Modern Beautiful Duplex House Design The elongated layout feels super claustrophobic even the 20 ft ceiling cannot make up for it! The kitchen island in the middle of the room just makes thing so much worse! Love it Ryan's suit even matched the place cool colours love the huge windows would need a ladder for cob web cleaning that ceiling sliding doors are a good option too.

Everything was looking pretty at first look but on closer observation I noticed they have very bad finishing. The entrance door frame had white colour splashed on the brown varnish from the surrounding wall, the bottom of the walls in the guest bedroom are all water damaged. If these things are so evident in the video itself, I fear what will be the story when I actually observe the place in person.

Good job none the less, but concentrate on your finising, it looks like your work is very shabby and all the wow factor comes from using expensive materials and lighting. And please give your host more adjectives than "very nice" to describe your work.