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Best Health Insurance Plans for Family

The health and well being of our family always take a priority over our own needs. That is the reason, most of us prefer to buy a family floater instead of individual covers. Getting a family floater saves you substantial money. Suppose there's a family of four, comprising of two adults and two children.

The premium paid if all the four members are covered under one family health plan, stands much lower compared to when four separate policies are bought. There are other pros to family floaters apart from the cost factor. In a family floater, the immediate family members such as newly wed spouse and new borns can be covered without hassles just by informing the insurer.

The only glitch with a family floater is that the cover is fixed and if it is exhausted on the treatment of one member during the policy term, any other member would not be able to avail further benefits from the plan, till the end of the term. Only when the policy is renewed, the sum assured is reinstated afresh.

Here are the best health insurance plans you can buy, for getting yourself and your family protected from any financial contingencies.